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When just any
SET won’t do.

Administration Sets

You need a set you can trust.

A comprehensive portfolio of sets used to administer IV fluids and drugs for patients.

From primary administration sets to sets for specialized applications to meet a variety of clinical needs.

  • Primary Infusion Sets:
    Baxter sets are both gravity and IV pump compatible
  • Blood sets:
    used in the infusion of whole blood or blood components by gravity or with Sigma Spectrum Infusion System
  • Chemotherapy sets:
    commonly used for administrating chemotherapy drugs
  • Buretrol sets:
    contains a vented chamber that limits the amount of solution to be administered
  • Extension sets:
    used to increase the length of a primary infusion set
  • Secondary sets:
    enables secondary infusion through a primary set
  • Specialty sets:
    used in the administration of specialty drugs, e.g. Paclitaxel and Nitroglycerin, in addition to sets for epidural administrations
Administrative Set

Administrative Set

Rx Only. For the safe and proper use of the devices mentioned herein, please refer to the appropriate Instructions for Use or Operator’s Manual.